About us

Stoneheart jewellery was created by Kim Houghton & Chris Collier. Born and raised in Vancouver, Kim always had a passion for design and jewellery making. Chris on the other hand had a mind for business, so in 2012 they decided to partner up and create Stoneheart jewellery. Fresh out of University in 2013 they began building the business. After spending about a year sourcing the right materials and creating a unique and well-made product, they decided to launch. They launched Stoneheart at a local tradeshow called the Vancouver Gift Expo, which quickly got them into their first few stores. After which, they began to sell their product at local markets around town. They continued expanding and wholesaling and created an online store. You can find Stoneheart jewellery at select markets during the summer and winter months.

The idea behind Stoneheart was to create a unique and high quality piece of jewellery that could be worn any time day or night, casually or dressed up. Therefore all of Stoneheart jewellery is designed with a simplistic elegance in mind. Each piece is made using a mix of natural hand picked gemstones (precious & semi-precious), fresh water pearls, genuine leather, sterling silver and 14k gold.

They use a blend of hand carving methods & 3d printing technology to create their original custom Stoneheart pieces. Everything is then made using the centuries old technique of lost wax casting and then hand finished by Kim & Chris in their studio in Vancouver, British Columbia.

 If you are local and wish to see the jewellery in person before purchasing, feel free to call or email to set up a time to come view the pieces!

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The Life of Stoneheart

In Febuary 2014, they launched the company at the Vancouver Gift Expo


From May to September 2014, they participated at local artisan markets throughout Vancouver (Ambleside, Lonsdale, Burnaby)

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From November to December 2014, Stoneheart participated at the Vancouver Christmas Market.

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In Febuary 2015, Stoneheart did their first shopping trip to the Tuscon Gem Expo, (which is the largest gem expo in north america) to acquire the best possible stones available.

In May to Sept 2015, they participated at various local artisan markets throughout Vancouver.

In November – December 2015, Stoneheart opened a seasonal store in Oakridge mall.


Also, in November – December 2015, they returned for their 2nd year at the Vancouver Christmas Market.

In Febuary 2016, they returned for their 2nd year at the Tuscon Gem Expo.

*Special Thanks to everyone who has mentored and supported us along the way!